Colon examples

The next examples show how to use a colon to introduce a list:

There are three countries beginning with Z: Zaire, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The nightclub played many different types of music: rock, hip-hop, electronica, indie and even soul.

These following examples show how to use a colon just to introduce a single item:

The role of the colon is simple: to introduce.

We knew who would be first in the race: speedy Steve.

The next examples show how a colon can introduce speech:

She grabbed the microphone and asked: “Is there a doctor in the house?”
Kate whispered in my ear: “Haven’t you got a PhD?”

As Julius CaesarĀ once said: “We came, we saw, we conquered.”

Further examples show the colon used to introduce an explanation:

He asked why I hadn’t said hello: I hadn’t seen him.

Don’t bother coming over anymore: I’m not feeling well enough to meet up.

Read more about how to use the colon.

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7 Responses to Colon examples

  1. Steve says:

    Some terrific examples of how to use this sadly neglected punctuation mark. Bravo!

  2. Kevin W says:

    I love the examples on this site. So much better then the usual boring ones.

  3. Kelly says:

    Really great examples. I understand the deffirence now.

  4. Anastacia Matlebjane says:

    I learnt a lot from this page. thanx

  5. felipe says:

    so good examples thanks

  6. Amber says:

    Examples are very comprehensible and effective: I really get it clear now. Thanks

  7. Arun Kumar says:

    Thank you. Helped me to help my kids. Good examples.

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